Kilroy AR is an augmented reality (AR) app.

Leave notes with a message or poem.

At a location, a restaurant, pub or a museum. Read notes with reviews before you go in & leave a review or a comment / like when you go.

At places that have special meaning to you:

a note of remembrance at a war memorial,
a note of support at Grenfell Tower,
a touching note at Kensington Palace,
a sweet note for the love of your life,
a funny note for your best mate.

For everyone who walks by to see, like and comment on.

Or a personal note for friend’s eyes only.

Follow a trail of notes from people you follow.

Works best in an outdoor environment

With good light conditions.

In places where you have good location services on your device. 

Peter de Vries


Leave AR messages everywhere; at a travel location, a palace, a restaurant and at places that have special meaning to you. Enjoy speeches, poems and rants all around you. Like and comment on them.

Three different note designs to choose from, plus the option to subscribe to premium note designs and unlimited notes.

We were approached last month by Grenfell Speaks, one of the community groups to see how we could help preserving some of the messages that have been left.
Now that the app has been released, we did a trial run and put up some of the messages. At this point will await the response of users/the community. Messages that are not appropriate can be flagged in-app and may be removed.   

Because Kilroy AR is a location based app, we can designate certain areas not to have any in-app restrictions. Contact us for information regarding this and if there are areas you would like to submit.

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